‘Battle in the Sky’ from The Kaiju Set

Big Pimp Jones played an hour-long set at Bay Area Film Events (06-28-2014), the second half of which we dubbed ‘The Kaiju Set’.  In this part of the set, we performed original music from both Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown and Project Kyojo, with a few covers of giant monster songs for good measure.  Here is ‘Battle in the Sky’ from the performance.

Keith co-hosting ‘The Vinyl Exam’

If you’re a fan of vinyl records (if you follow Big Pimp Jones that’s a pretty good probability) or you’re just a fan of music please check out the new podcast Keith is co-hosting.  Along with Columbo Ahmed aka ‘The 45 Brains’, they’ve started The Vinyl Exam – a weekly podcast about records, music, collecting and anything else they can think of. The site is http://www.thevinylexam.com/ – you can listen on Soundcloud, Podomatic or iTunes. 00_coverArt The site just launched Monday July 7 with three episodes – going forward you can expect two interviews and two pieces of miscellaneous content every month! http://www.thevinylexam.com/      

April 2014 Redesign

0608 (6)

You may notice we made a few changes to the header and content – it was time to switch things up a little bit! Now details on the Big Pimp Jones are divided into ‘hard funk’ and ‘giant monster funk’, with the giant monster funk tied into the Giant Monster comic Kodoja.  If you don’t know what we’re talking about head over to http://www.kodoja.com to check out the information and the free webcomic!

The One-Mic Drum kit, courtesy of Big Pimp Jones

In 2010, the first time we got the drum sound we loved (the one you hear on the ‘Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown’ record) we did a little sketch of the drum setup and mics to make sure we wouldn’t forget.

Except of course we don’t mean ‘mics’, we mean ‘mic’. As mentioned in the text below this is a one-mic setup for recording drums.  That’s all you need (Though if you have a second mic, a good way to use it is to mic the bass drum so you can accent the sound with a little low-end thump from the kick if needed)! Now go make some beats!

BPJ drum mic

Test Presses of ‘Bring Your Love to Me’ (Funk Night Records)

Yep, this is a picture of the test presses for the upcoming Big Pimp Jones single on Funk Night Records, ‘Bring Your Love to Me’.

We’ve been known to make an adult film track or two and this fits that mold – a steamy throwback to 70s adult cinema. Recorded to tape, like we always do!

Coming soon on Funk Night Records!

Big Pimp Jones 'Bring Your Love to Me' Test Press

Big Pimp Jones ‘Bring Your Love to Me’ Test Press

Big Pimp Jones at Godzilla Night 2, June 22 (San Leandro)

Posted on June 10, 2013 by krofunk In case you haven’t heard, there is an incredible night of Kaiju goodness going on in the Bay Area on June 22.  You can read all of the amazing details here (a Godzilla double-feature, vendors and tons of special guests)! Not only that, but when you pre-order your tickets through the BAFE site you get the poster shown below!


Big Pimp Jones plays a live set at 7:00 which is going to be two mini-sets in one. The band will start off with some funk tracks, play some tracks from our Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown album… and then play a few others you’ll have to check out in person!

If that weren’t enough? Kodoja will be there in full force, sharing a table with Kyle from Kaijucast – not only will you be able to grab some Kaijcast stuff but we’ll have Kodoja comics, posters and CDs for sale as well.

See you there!